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Engaging the Services from a Process Server Liverpool

Just what is a Process Server Liverpool?

Process Servers can deliver legal paperwork (serve) to an individual relating to a court case.
When someone fails to pay child support, goes into personal bankruptcy through failing to pay bills, breaks their rental contract unlawfully, or is otherwise required to attend court, they have to be presented with an ‘Order’ notifying them of charges and the date of proceedings. The person(s) who submitted the notice of the concerned courts accounts for notifying the individual. The law states that the defendant will have to be instructed of the action against them in person, even in this technological age. But due to the legal requirements with regard to serving such a notice, not just anyone can deliver them. This is exactly why a Process Server has to be appointed.
If a Process Server isn’t able to serve the notice directly to the defendant, they could also deliver by using ‘Substituted Service’. Which means, they instead deliver the process by means of insertion through the letterbox or in another way that it will come to the attention of any person stepping into the property, for example, attach to the entry door.

Generally Speaking, What Legal Documentation will a Process Server Liverpool Serve?

• Bankruptcy Petition
• A letter to an Injunction Order
• A service of Statutory Demand
• Divorce Petitions
• Orders issued under the Children’s Act
• Family Proceedings
• Insolvency document

A Process Server Liverpool Visit Properties

C&C Process Servers have a team of agents who can offer a number of services such as Mortgage Arrears visits, Eviction (pre & post visits), Property Checks and Re-connect visits. Additionally, we frequently take photography verification on behalf of insurance firms throughout the United Kingdom. We’ll react speedily when you request our services, due to having a national profile ensuring speed of service.
We carry out a comprehensive and professional service. We can also assist other agents with their workload.


We’re able to help with site visits by serving the following files:

• Pre-eviction visits
• Mortgage Arrears Visits
• Eviction visit
• Occupancy Visit
• Verification of the borrowers residential status
• Overall property condition report
• Vacant property service visits weekly/monthly
• Verification Photography
• Professional Door Knocking
• Re-connect Visits

Suppose you can’t track down the individual you need to serve?

To be certain of competence and legal compliance, every one of our investigators are trained and have gained his or her Personal Investigators Pearson / EDL Level 3. C & C Process Servers and Tracing Agents can be found registered with the Information Commissioners Office for a data controller.

Instances of Tracing Services from a Process Server Liverpool:

• Absconder Locating
• Accident and Locus Investigations
• Anti-Social Behaviour Enquiries
• Next of Kin / Named Beneficiary / Probate Locating
• Company Enquiries
• Covert Surveillance
• Overt Surveillance
• Bespoke Investigations
• Credit Checks
• Employment Tracing
• Injury and Sickness Investigations
• Pre-Employment Checks
• Pre-Sue Reports and Background Checks
• Process Serving
• Property Attendance Reports
• Spanish Property Tracing
• World-wide Investigations
• Enquiries and Recovery
• Tenancy Fraud Investigations

How much does a Process Server Liverpool Cost?

Our company charges £75
For the fixed rate of only £75 we will attend the house and property with paperwork inside of six hours of your respective instruction. We will attend a further two times, and right after each visit we would give you an update, in addition to proof of service. It will be provided in a Court compliant format.
Contracted LAA mileage fees and time scales would be attained in respect of LAA funded cases.
We’re also accustomed to the service of International papers either in and out of of the Hague Convention and believe our own fees in this field to be particularly competitive.


Call The Incredibly Experienced Agents at C&C Process Servers for a Process Server Liverpool

Our company is a professional, fast growing and enthusiastic firm of Legal Agents supplying you a turnkey solution via our own nationwide network of skilled agents who are regulated with the Association of British Investigators).

Our highly talented staff will conduct highly detailed investigations, providing the service you require, even within a budget Operating in Britain and internationally, we’ve served persons for the following situations background checks, pre-employment checks, surveillance, and people tracing.

Speak with C&C Process Servers now to acquire expert consultancy on 07973 121 453. Let us eliminate the stress of the process serving prerequisites.

We will eliminate the stress of your process serving situations. Phone us today 07973 121 453. E-mail us on info@candcprocessservers.co.uk

We are licensed with the ABI.

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