Site & Property Visits by C & C Process Servers


Our team of agents provide a variety of services including Mortgage Arrears visits, Eviction (pre & post visits), Re-connect visits and property checks. In addition, we regularly undertake photography verification on behalf of insurance companies throughout the United Kingdom. We will react quickly to your request, and have a nationwide presence to ensure speed of service.


We carry out a thorough and professional service. We comply with the latest legislation and law but work tenaciously to get results for our Clients. We are happy to assist other agents with their workload and full confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed.

Service Summary:


-Mortgage Arrears Visits

-Pre-eviction visit

-Early arrears reconnect visit

-Eviction visit

-Occupancy Visit

-Verification of the borrowers residential status

-Overall property condition report

-Vacant property service visits weekly/monthly

-Re-connect Visits

-Verification photography

-Professional door knocking

-Borrower visitation


All work is undertaken by our fully insured agents and as with all of our services, professionalism and confidentiality are our core values.

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