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The Best Way to Retain the Services of a Process Server Lancashire

Precisely what is a Process Server Lancashire?

Process Servers can distribute legal paperwork (serve) to persons or defendant needed for a court case.
When anyone is required to attend court, for any reason, be it a insolvency case, breaking a leasing agreement, or possibly a child support court case, they must be provided with an ‘Order’ notifying them of charges and also the date of proceedings. Informing the individual would be the responsibility of the person (or company) submitting the notice. Even in this technical age, a telephone call or e mail is not sufficient; the law states that the defendant will be advised face-to-face of the upcoming action against them. Having said that, not just anyone can serve the legal documents. That is where the process server comes in.

In case a Process Server is not able to serve the paperwork directly to the individual, they can also deliver by means of ‘Substituted Service’. Which means, they alternatively deliver the process by insertion in the letterbox or in another way that it’s going to come to the attention of any person stepping into the property, for instance, affix to the entrance door.

Typically, What Official Paperwork will a Process Server Lancashire Serve?

• Bankruptcy Petition
• A letter to an Injunction Order
• A service of Statutory Demand
• Divorce Petitions
• Orders issued under the Children’s Act
• Family Proceedings
• Insolvency document

A Process Server Lancashire Visit Properties

Our team of agents supply professional services which includes Mortgage Arrears visits, Eviction (pre & post visits), Re-connect visits and property checks. Plus, we regularly undertake photographic verification for insurance companies throughout the United Kingdom. We’ll respond quickly to your request, due to having a countrywide profile to ensure documents are served quickly.

We’re prepared to support other agents with workload .

Types of Site & Property Visits from a Process Server Lancashire: :

• Pre-eviction visits
• Mortgage Arrears Visits
• Eviction visit
• Occupancy Visit
• Verification of the borrowers residential status
• Overall property condition report
• Vacant property service visits weekly/monthly
• Verification Photography
• Professional Door Knocking
• Re-connect Visits

Tracing services

To be certain of competence and legal compliance, each of our investigators are experienced and have received his or her Personal Investigators Pearson / EDL Level 3. C & C Process Servers and Tracing Agents can be found registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data controller.

Instances of Tracing Support from a Process Server Lancashire:

• Absconder Locating
• Accident and Locus Investigations
• Anti-Social Behaviour Enquiries
• Next of Kin / Named Beneficiary / Probate Locating
• Company Enquiries
• Covert Surveillance
• Overt Surveillance
• Bespoke Investigations
• Credit Checks
• Employment Tracing
• Injury and Sickness Investigations
• Pre-Employment Checks
• Pre-Sue Reports and Background Checks
• Process Serving
• Property Attendance Reports
• Spanish Property Tracing
• World-wide Investigations
• Enquiries and Recovery
• Tenancy Fraud Investigations

What amount does a Process Server Lancashire Cost?

At C&C Process Servers, we charge a fixed cost of £75.
This particular fee is for anywhere up to three attendances with an initial attendance within 6 hours and we will present updates immediately after each visit and the related proof of service in the Court compliant format.
Agreed LAA mileage fees and time scales are going to be attained if when it comes to LAA funded cases.

If you need to have International papers delivering, C&C Process Servers are actually skilled at operating both in and out of the Hague Convention. You’ll find that our rates here are remarkably competitive.


Whenever you need an experienced Process Server Lancashire, speak to the specialists at C&C Process Servers

Our company is a professional, quick growing and enthusiastic firm of Legal Agents able to offer a turnkey solution by our nationwide network of professional agents that are all licensed by the Association of British Investigators).

We are going to work to your distinctive requirements and budget Operating in the UK & internationally, we’ve executed an array of PI (Private Investigation) projects like pre-employment background checks, surveillance, and people tracing.

For more info about the process serving services, be sure to chat with a professional member of the team. Let us take the stress from your process serving requirements and employ an organization which ensures effective outcomes, give us a call today.

We will remove the stress of your process serving situations. Phone us today 07973 121 453. E-mail us on info@candcprocessservers.co.uk

We are licensed with the ABI.

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